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Inspiring Individuals, Optimizing Processes, Fostering Growth - my goal as your UX Lead

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Insights from Reality

What I experienced while working with teams

Diving deeper

Explanation and solutions for these issues

Understanding the Developer's Perspective

Developers and designers have distinct working and thinking approaches. The following issues may have contributed to the mentioned frustrations of the frontend developer.

  1. Lack of Communication: If designers do not adequately explain their decisions or if developers are not adequately informed about the design process, misunderstandings and frustrations can arise.
  2. Different Perspectives: Designers and developers often have different approaches and priorities. Design can be seen as aesthetic and functional, while developers may think more technically and practically. These differing perspectives can lead to conflicts, especially if collaboration is not sufficiently encouraged.
  3. Insufficient Knowledge: The frontend developer might lack a basic understanding of the designer’s work, or vice versa. This can result in both parties feeling misunderstood and their work not being sufficiently appreciated.
  4. Lack of Inclusion: Developers might feel that their concerns or ideas are not adequately considered in the design process. If they feel that design decisions are made without their involvement, it can lead to frustrations.

Considering these potential causes is important to better understand the situation and take appropriate measures to improve collaboration and communication.

Learn more about the frustration of designers

Designers are often sought after by various departments within a company due to the need for design across many types of media. This is where the struggle begins for some designers:

  1. Too Many Tasks: Other departments pile on their requests alongside the designer’s daily business.
  2. Lack of Priorities: Designers are often hired for specific roles (e.g., UI or UX design) to support the product team. However, they are also expected to assist marketing and HR. What takes priority, and what truly falls under their responsibilities?
  3. Role Confusion: Not every designer wants to create print materials, design flyers, or craft job postings. Technically, these tasks do not align with the role description of a product designer (UX/UI). This often leads to internal conflicts.

These points are frequently compounded by poor briefings and processes. Additionally, not everyone understands how a designer works, which can lead to further frustration culminating in conflicts.

What would help the UX Designer?

The UX designer faces challenges arising from undefined role boundaries, limited resources, high work pressure, lack of prioritization, communication issues, and an uneven distribution of tasks.

Possible solutions for this issue could include:

  1. Clear Role Definition: Clearly define the UX designer’s role and responsibilities to reduce ambiguity and task overlap.
  2. Resource Allocation: Provide adequate resources and support to prevent overload and enhance productivity.
  3. Effective Time Management: Develop strategies to manage tight schedules and deadlines more efficiently.
  4. Priority Setting: Establish clear priorities and manage new requirements effectively to avoid being pulled in multiple directions.
  5. Enhanced Communication: Foster better communication between teams to ensure timely sharing of project details and changes.
  6. Balanced Workload: Establish a more balanced workload distribution strategy, allowing the UX designer to work effectively without undue pressure.

By implementing these solutions, the UX designer can navigate their challenges more effectively and improve their overall work experience.

Strengthening the PO's Approach: Improving Communication Strategies

Language is the bridge between two individuals. When one doesn’t speak the same language or use the same vocabulary, there can be no bridge. Understanding doesn’t occur. This leads to misunderstandings and conflicts.

Solutions to assist the PO could be:

  1. Stakeholder Workshops: Conduct workshops or presentations tailored to stakeholders, educating them on the fundamental principles and benefits of the UX approach. Provide concrete examples of how user feedback has positively impacted previous projects.
  2. Engagement and Involvement: Encourage stakeholders to actively participate in user testing sessions or workshops, allowing them to directly witness the user-centered design process in action. This hands-on experience can foster a deeper understanding and appreciation for user feedback.
  3. Educational Resources: Offer stakeholders resources like articles, videos, or webinars that delve into the significance of user feedback in enhancing product success. These resources can serve as supplementary learning tools.
  4. Effective Communication Channels: Establish clear communication channels dedicated to conveying the importance of user feedback and UX principles. Regularly share success stories and user-centric design outcomes to reinforce the value of these practices.

By implementing these strategies, it can help bridge the understanding gap and enhance stakeholder appreciation for the UX approach, fostering more effective collaboration and decision-making.

Challenges with the Design Process: what could help?

These challenges in the design process can lead to significant conflicts and a lot of frustration. This is a problem that is solvable with today’s tools but needs to be addressed.

Possible solutions:

  1. Communication: It’s crucial to openly discuss the frustration and confusion. Since people have different approaches and ways of working, finding a common ground that alleviates concerns is essential.
  2. Uncover How the Problem Arises: Examine the root causes of the problem to better understand its origin and identify areas for improvement.
  3. Seek Solutions and Propose to the Team: Collaboratively search for solutions and present them to the team for consideration.

By implementing these steps, the team can work together to address and overcome the challenges, fostering a more productive and harmonious design process.

Let me assist you!

Working together with you as a Product Owner or Project Leader, I aim to tackle challenges and develop solutions as a team. My comprehensive offering includes:

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UX Lead: 

Wireframing & Prototyping | UX Strategy | UX Research | User Testing

Explore a range of services that elevate your design process. From in-depth user research and thorough usability testing, my offerings cater to various stages of design development. Additionally, I assist in creating prototypes, wireframes, and user journey maps to bring your vision to life with a user-centered approach.

Design Lead:

UI Design | Extraordinary Design | Hands-on-Mentality

Approaching my designs with a great deal of empathy and creativity, I possess a keen eye for colors, typography, and design elements. Leveraging this strength, I aim to craft your product design to be exceptional yet appealing.

Design & UX Education

Design and UX are buzzwords often used in the market, yet not universally understood. In presentations, I aim to elucidate the true role of design and underscore why it's imperative to involve users in the UX process.

Mentoring & Consulting

Empowering growth through mentorship and consultancy. As a seasoned UX Lead, I offer a unique blend of process establishment as a consultant, guiding designers towards excellence, and supporting colleagues to thrive. Elevate your strategies, enrich your designs, and foster collaborative success.
Special Offer

Nurturing Empathetic Communication

As the founder of „Seelenkonferenz“, I have been engaging with the topic of „Empathic Communication“ for several years. I possess profound knowledge from communication theory and am also undergoing a certification course as a mediator. With this knowledge, my aim is to inspire and educate individuals on how to engage in more open, empathetic, and non-violent communication.

This knowledge has already helped several project leaders to further develop themselves.

What They’re Saying

In a very short amount of time, Sarah managed to integrate herself into the team and turn the collaboration with some team colleagues into a positive one. Where there were previously issues, frustration, and many underlying reproaches, there was suddenly open communication, laughter, and cooperative agreements. Amazing!

AnnaProduct Owner

Sarah is like a catalyst. When you talk to her, she encourages you to take on new perspectives and explore further possibilities. She stimulates positive thinking and finding solutions. She genuinely motivates you to take a step out of your comfort zone.


"Sarah was able to explain to me in a understandable way why certain design decisions make sense. That way, I understood that it's not just a subjective choice, but has a lot to do with psychology and perception. I could relate to it very well."


"I got to know Sarah during a time in my career when I was professionally excellent. Only my soft skills were lacking. Sarah clearly and directly showed me how I interact with others and what that can trigger. If I hadn't met Sarah, I wouldn't be in the position I am in today."

MartinHead of Digital Transformation

I have worked with many designers before, so I already knew a lot of what Sarah talked about in her presentation. However, no one has ever explained to me why things are done that way in design or why designers perceive things in a certain manner. Sarah has done that now. Thank you, I understand the context now!

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About me

What expertise, skills and achievements make me a great UX Lead?

Experience of almost 10 years in IT Branche

I’m happy to provide my detailed CV upon request. Here, I’d like to showcase 5 selected career milestones.

2015 – 2017: 
UX Designer @ Valtech Agencie, former Valtech GmbH
Development of UX and design concepts for Websites, Platforms and Apps.

Dec. 2018 – Oct. 2019
Collaboration with Boston Consulting Group and Krauss Maffei
Role: Freelance UX/UI Designer
Performing all aspects of UI and UX Design: Wireframing, Prototyping, UI Design, Logo Design. Read more in my portfolio.

Aug. 2020 – Nov. 2020
Collaboration with Amorelie / ProSiebenSat.1 Media SE
Role: Freelance UX/UI Designer
Launch of a B2C platform for female pleasurement. My task as UX/UI consultant was to develop an appealing UX and UI concept that gives the main target group positive feelings in a negatively occupied industry. Read more in the portfolio.

Aug. 2022 – June 2023
Collaboration with allsafe
Role: UX Consultant & Mentor
Consulting, organization and moderation of workshops, mentoring, support of the team

Sep.2023 – Feb. 2023
Lecturer at FOM
Focus: Usability / Web Design / Web Analytics

3 TOP Strength

1. Meta Level

  • understand complex issues quickly
  • present complicated things in a simple way
  • control myself well (meta-level)
  • recognize large connections
  • distinguish important from unimportant
  • get to the bottom of things
  • observe and interpret the behavior of others

2. Empathy

  • put myself in the shoes of others
  • understand why other people do things
  • listen well
  • have a good gut feeling when making decisions
  • recognize the emotional side in addition to the
  • rational side
  • enable a change of perspective to the other
  • person’s point of view

3. People Skills

  • Assess people very quickly
  • recognize (mis)moods in others
  • pay attention to details
  • feel for other people
  • observe situations and behavior very closely
  • recognize the strengths of others very quickly
  • unmask lies

My Education

2009 – 2013:

Augsburg University of Applied Sciences, Faculty of
Design, Communication Design course, Subject class:
Interdisciplinary Design

2017 – 2020/21:

Apollo, University of Health Management
Course of studies: Applied Psychology

3 achievements, I have

Achievement #1:
I conceptualized, designed, and self-financed my own product. As a prototype, I developed 500 card sets (Brand: Seelenkonferenz) and launched them into the market. A well-known influencer discovered this product in a small store in Munich in 2021 and featured it on her podcast independently. Within one month, I sold all the card sets.

Achievement #2:
In my first year of freelancing, I collaborated with Boston Consulting Group and Krauss Maffei to establish the startup Polymer. In this project, I was the sole designer responsible for brand design, the initial software setup, and the UX process.

Achievement #3:
I have been self-employed for 5 years now. During this time, I have collaborated with major reputable companies, developed and launched my own product, survived through the challenges of the pandemic, and consistently evolved. Being an entrepreneur demands self-leadership, motivation, and drive. For 5 years, I have demonstrated these skills on a daily basis.

Don't wait any longer, let's start something new!

Don't hesitate to ask me all your questions or just having a coffee with me. I'm looking forward to speaking to you and finding solutions for your project.

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